Stuart Hallifax

After 3 years at the Queen’s College, Oxford, I had my DPhil viva in March 2011 (passed, with minor corrections). My thesis is on Essex in the First World War, and more specifically why people continued to support the war and the role of local elites and organisations in promoting the war and (increasingly) mitigating its effects in their communities.

At the moment, I am interning at the Hansard Society on their ‘Telling Parliament’s Story’ project on improving the visitor experience at Westminster (Palace, Abbey, and the surrounding area).

Before returning to university, I worked for a few years at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, including being on the team that produced their 2007 exhibition on the 3 Para battle-group deployment to Helmand in 2006.

I’ve written a journal article:

‘Over by Christmas’: Britsh popular opinion and the short war in 1914, in First World War Studies, 1/2 (2010)

And appeared on the radio talking about it:

Thinking Allowed, 15 December 2010

Here are some book reviews I’ve written over the last few years:

Patrick Bishop’s 3 Para in The Oxonian Review of Books, 7/2 (2008)

Jessica Meyer’s Men of War, Helen McCartney’s Citizen Soldiers, Leonard V Smith’s Embattled Soldiers and other for H-Soz-u-Kult.


7 Responses to “Stuart Hallifax”

  1. Dan Boudreau Says:

    Best of luck post-DPhil! I appreciate your scholarly efforts and the sincerity with which they are written. I am a retired US Marine with an MA in Education working as secondary school teacher in the social studies field. When I was an undergrad I researched and wrote about the how and why of US citizens that served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force of WWI. Please continue your efforts here, all the best!


  2. Niall Clerk Says:

    Stuart where can i find a copy of your thesis on Essex at war?
    I am currently in the process of doing my third year dissertation on the ‘spirit of 1914’ in the North East and i am struggleing to find much secondary work on this kind of subject.
    I feel your research would be a huge help to me.


    • Stuart Says:

      Hi Niall.

      It’s not available anywhere at the moment. I’m just sorting out some copyright things for the online version. I can email you the 1914 chapter if you like – hopefully in the next week or so. Spirit of 1914 is an interesting topic – Catriona Pennell’s thesis/book is very good on the subject.


  3. i Says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I would be very grateful if you could email me the chapter and if you have any tips when researching a local area on this topic would be much appreciated..
    I have been in contact with Catriona Pennell but here book is not out until march 1st (which is in plenty of time for my hand in)
    I really appreciate you getting back in contact and offering the chapter. I am sure this will help me out hugely in my studies


    My email is

  4. Rebecca Banks Says:

    Is it possible to find a copy of your thesis on Essex at war? I’ve requested through my university a copy but they tell me it’s not available. I’m researching Military Service Tribunals and I would love the opportunity to read your work. I also really enjoyed listening to your ideas on Thinking Allowed, dated 15 December 2010

  5. Richard Benefer Says:

    Hi Stuart

    I’m doing some research on the Military Service Tribunals in Staffordshire (based on recently discovered archives of a Military Representative) and would very much appreciate a copy of the chapter of your thesis on Essex that deals with tribunals, if that’s possible. I would of course let you have a copy of my research when completed later this year.



    My email is

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